Technoblade and the youtube journey

Youtube is one of the most used social media platforms where the young generation reveals their own talent and provides entertaining and useful content and makes money out of that. The youtube community is huge and different types of context are acceptable in the content list of youtube.

The technical contents are the most searched content over youtube. The games and the technical unboxing or review videos made a lot of people and channels rather famous and helped them to get the number of million followers or subscribers.

Youtube provides different types of videos on the suggestion list and those channels which were on the trending page or provide constant trending content get their required attention from those videos and boost up by the youtube platform itself.

 Technoblade and  the content of his channel

The technoblade channel started its journey in the year 2013 and after that this channel produced some entertaining gaming videos based on the Minecraft games. The gaming channel usually needs to upload regularly and play the most recent games to stay relatable and relevant.

The Minecraft games are based on simple logic and the gaming videos are entertaining to watch which provides the channel technoblade most of the fame and he becomes famous. The most evident feature of this channel was that the main player never showed his face on the internet platform. The reason is still unknown.

The internet trolling scared a lot of people and after this strategy which technoblade used to prevent the face revealing many of the gaming, channels use this process to attract the viewers and hide their own face.

 The face revel

The face revealed on the channel technoblade promised his one million subscribers to do a face reveal video and after this notice, he revealed his face in the starting of the year of 2019 over a gaming video where he wished all of the subscribers to support him and hello to them.

This face reveal became viral over the internet as this gaming star was hiding his identity consciously from the whole internet community and especially from the youtube subscribers. The proper support from the internet user helps him to be more confident and after this short reveal he comes over to a live stream show later on with a proper appearance

Technoblade face reveal

and his mentality showcases the real-time situation of the internet where the people do not feel safe at all to reveal their own identity although they are famous.

Sometimes the famous people usually get more trolling than normal people and in this case, the supportive nature of the subscribers which is showcased in the case of techno blade is appreciable.

The natural process of mental development and the showcasing of hate towards a single person is so high on the intranet which makes the YouTubers like techno blade to hide their face.

Technoblade usually plays games like Minecraft and has different opponents like dreams. This channel is based on gaming also and has almost the same number of subscribers and fan pages of their own. Games like Minecraft techno blade are undefendable on the other hand the channel-like dream is better in the games like bed wars.

Technoblade is a successful YouTuber at the age of twenty-two and his face reveal becomes the most exciting content over his channel. The YouTuber techno blade has some of the irresistible skills that are like survival skills.

Survival skills are the most important in games like Minecraft and in this case, he has a master’s in that. The  PVP fighting is also one of the most evident features of techno blade and that makes successful strategy to develop the games and win over the outlet.

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