Bus Crime Photos, Graphics, and scene of Stacy Williams



 The life of every human being is precious and priceless. Stacy William was 21 years old. Her life ended very early. The killer murdered her brutally. Where did Stacy Williams go? Let’s find out the reasons for murder. Let’s pray for her peace in the eternal world. This heartbreaking incident took place in Saint Vincent. Shorn Samuel killed her on December 11, 2006. He chopped her body parts and surrendered before the police. Let’s discuss to remember the pain she bore. Stacy Williams’s crime scene photos and graphics made everybody weep.

Biography of Stacy Williams

Vermont is a small farming town in the north of Kingstown. It is about 12 miles away from Kingstown. Stacy William was living in Vermont with her brother. Shorn was also living there in the town. They were distant cousins. Therefore he started visiting her house. Shorn liked Stacy Williams. However, after a while, his visits started disturbing her.

 Killer used to visit Stacy William’s home

Stacy Williams was feeling un-comfort whenever she saw her at home. His presence was disturbing her. I think she has perceived his bad intention. But she did not share her feelings with others. Stacy’s mother, Emelia Nanton, knew about his visits to her home. One day, Stacy William stopped him to visit her home. She told him not to return her home in the future. In response, he refused to do so. He further said that he would visit her home, and he did. Emelia Nation is clear of his visits at home.

He usually visited her home before her departure to work. One day, he came to Stacy’s home and started assaulting her. In defense, Stacy threw the Clorox bowl on his face. She asked him to leave her home. This was her courage to stop any unwanted force. Later he left the home. Just because of his criminal act, Stacy Williams bus crime scene photos, scenes, and graphics spread out.

The dark day of December 11, 2006

Stacy Williams was working in a hospital as a clerk. As usual, it was a stressful and hectic day at work. Shorn visited her workplace. He talked to her. He offered her even if she wanted to have a private conversation. But Stacy Williams refused. She said that she did not want to talk to him. During their conversation, Stacy’s colleague confronted him. He left her hospital.

At about 03:45 p.m. she departed for home. She wanted to catch a minibus to reach her home in Vermont. There was a rush at the bus stop. Many witnesses on the spot saw him following her. He was very close to her while following Stacy Williams. After her walk, she caught the bus and got on. Similarly, he followed Stacy Williams. Because of the rush, many people saw the crime scene and took photos and graphics.

The traveler with her killer

So, they both got on the bus. He settled behind her seat. Even now, he was trying to speak to her. But she refused and asked her to leave her alone. But he did not. She left that seat and settled after the driver. This time, he rose and stood at the front of the bus. As he approached her, he prepared her sword. She saw him, Stacy William jumped out of the bus to save herself.

As she jumped out of the bus, she got shelter under the bus. But he followed her and dragged her out. He attacked her right hand at the wrist. He started chopping her neck with his sword. His attacks were forceful. As she fell to the ground, her head was hanging with a strand of skin. He picked up her head and kissed it. Afterward, he tossed her head on the ground.

Someone called on the police. After a while, the police reached the crime spot of Stacy Williams. People were making Stacy William’s crime scene photos and scenes. The police arrested him and started an investigation.

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