Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene | A Woman Beheaded In Front Of Crowd

Sometimes we witness such horrifying incidents that we can’t recall them even in our dreams also. A similar thing happened to the helpless and horrifying crowd on Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene when an innocent twenty one year old woman was beheaded by a cruel man named Shorn Samuel in front of horrifying people at a bus term


A whole terminal filled with screams, tears, and shock when the head and body parts of Stay Wilson cut off and spread off on a bus terminal. No doubt, a bus terminal scene that was full of life a few seconds before was turned into a bloody scene of a horror movie. Furthermore, Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene photos are horrible proof of this brutal and merciless murder scene.

Stacy Wilson

She was an innocent twenty one year old lady when the cruel murderer brutally ends her beautiful life. Let’s have a look at some significant events that are associated with her life, and also they become the cause of her unexpected and brutal murder by the Shorn Samuel.

  1. Shorn Samuel and Stacy Wilson, both were the resident of the same place. He liked Stacy Wilson and wanted her to become his partner, but Stacy refused as she didn’t like him. But, Shorn Samuel continued harassing her and disturbing her during all this time period.
  2. Furthermore, even on the day of the murder, both of them had an argument in the Stacy office about this issue and Samuel followed her till she took a seat on the bus and even argued there as per the statements of eyewitnesses.
  3. In addition to this, her mother told the police that he was continuously harassing her daughter and even tried to molest her.
  4. Moreover, Samuel also had an old history of severe psychotic disorder. He was not a mentally healthy person. Even on this basis, his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment.

These were the main things that became the cause of her merciless and brutal murder of that innocent lady.

Stacy Wilson Crime Scene

No doubt, it was a usual day, when, after finishing her work, Stacy Wilson reached the bus terminal and took her seat in the bus. According to one of the horrified eyewitnesses, Stacy Wilson ignored Samuel, who continued arguing with her. Samuel stood by the conductor’s door, and after a few minutes, he left and returned with a horrifying cutlass and began his deadly crime.

She tried to escape from the window of the bus to save her life. But a faster and stronger man caught her and drag her out of the bus. He chopped her right hand from the wrist, when she fell on the ground, he chopped her in her neck mercilessly. Another shaky eyewitness said that he holds her head for a few seconds in his hands and then places it on the ground.

The whole bus terminal was filled with blood, and people were frightened after seeing this horrifying scene. All of them were in great shock, some start crying, and the whole environment was filled with tears and screams. People were not sure that they saw this brutal act in real life. Suddenly, they become part of a bloody scene of any horror movie. We can see the Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photos on the internet as they become viral after the incident. Read this Nikki Catsura’s death photographs, that become her family’s nightmare.

Stacy Wilson Crime Scene Photos

Police took the Stacy Wilson Crime scene photos and sealed the area for detailed investigation. They didn’t leak the crime scene photos to anyone that’s why we can’t find detailed photos of the crime scene. But, some people from the crowd also captured these deadly and terrifying murder photos in their mobile cameras. Due to this reason, we can find these horrifying photos on the internet which become viral after this brutal murder.

Stacy Wilson murder case will come on the list of the most brutal and terrifying murders in the world because in this murder also, a killer showed his anger and hate through his cruel method of killing another person. He brutally chopped her right hand and afterward cut off her head. Her body pieces were dispersed all around the bus terminal.

Last Goodbye

Stay Wilson’s friends and family members said a final goodbye to her with eyes full of tears. The condition of her mother was miserable during the whole funeral ceremony. Her family members, colleagues, friends, neighbors spoke with tears about her life and her good qualities. The father of the church said that everyone must return back to God one day.

After all this, she got buried and left behind a terrible empty space in the life of her family and friends, which no one can fulfill till the time they are alive. Especially, her mother will never live her life again as she lived before after losing her beloved daughter. Every time her smiling face will come in front of her eyes and will fill her eyes with tears.

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