Coronavirus: Biological Warfare – Truth Revealed

Everyone is under a global crisis; many theories and news circulate around us and this question knocks our mind. IS IT TRUE? Coronavirus Majority of peoples saying it conspiracy theory and monopoly of chines government and military personals.

But in-depth we don’t get a clear answer. Here we are clarifying this issue. We will categorize it in parts below:

Aim of Coronavirus: Covid-19

The Coronavirus was manufactured in the laboratory. The aim was to spread fear among people to achieve their goals. But there are many deaths that are not tolerated. In the beginning, we were hearing people saying how many people have died, ten thousand fifteen thousand. But its results are very unexpected.

COVID-19 Experiment:

In 2006, a US company, Carron, obtained its patent number US2006257952 from US Government. In 2014, They show that it was not found from a single place but many. Therefore, because they play each other in Europe – In 2014 its VACCINE patent number EP3172319B1 was developed and tested, and then the vaccine began to form in Israel after successful results.


The Coronavirus was developed in England by Pirbright institute with a registry in the United States. Its financing company was the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and world economic forum in Singapore. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, which is in Washington and Bloomberg, the richest man in the world, was prepared the batch of Patent number 10,10,701 that was sent in the Chinese province Wuhan.

Around 6 weeks before sending it to Wuhan they made Medicine Ref 201 and practiced on computer.


As he was transported from the Canadian Airways in a cargo. So, they panicked and shifted the project to Winnipeg Canada. Dr. Keding Cheng, a biologist in Winnipeg laboratory Canada has withheld and not releasing him. As they said that they followed all the necessary measures.

Suspense / Target

Now suspense started – Every mouth has a different story and different analysis that never go to end. In this world every human has freedom to speak write and do unless that is restricted by any implemented law at the specific place. Getting evidences from this video we are describing story here.

When Israel started making the vaccine, it came to the fore that countries recognized us as a country. They will only give this vaccine to them. Is it not surprising? Now the question arises: Which country in the world is that which does not recognize Israel? You know very well what country that might be? Think? Yes, your answer is correct (Pakistan).

Now you can estimate its political and economic status by how it is a campaign against vulnerable countries and human beings. Many of you know that the US has been frightened by the rising economic growth of China for many years. How to prevent the growing influence of China in the world. There are several tactics used for this – But no matter how successful.

Detailed Analysis

You can guess that the patent number was given by the United States and Vaccine England and its manufacture began in Israel. These things make it all the clearer that this is a biological warfare that allows specific peoples to achieve their true goal by spreading panic. Now Israel is getting the most out of its benefits.

Here we have all the processes with the evidence in front of you. Now you have to decide whether this is a rumor or a fact. Whether you agree or disagree, you have both rights. Be sure to share your feedback in the comment box below to show it to people better.

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