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Indie Travel Blog

Indie Traveller Website A crisp and smooth colourful format, water-coloured headlines, a well-prepared structure, Travel Blog and a ton of well-written tour guides, Indie Traveller is an fantastic instance of a tour weblog that keep its precise identification with out sacrificing the usefulness of the content material.

What I love approximately it: Indie Traveller is administered through Marek Bron seeing that 2012 and what I like maximum approximately the layout is its play at the shadeation palette, blending assessment and diffused shades collectively in a manner that made the tour weblog sticks out from the rest.

The format is likewise uniquely framed and prepared in a manner that the instant you arrive on his weblog, you understand that he isn’t always the usage of any time-honored WordPress theme, that is a primary impact this is difficult to return back through those days. His content material and writings also are the spotlight of the tour weblog.

An article like “Where To Go Backpacking: Key Routes Around the World” is a top notch instance of ways prepared and established the content material on Indie Traveller is. The brief paragraphs, a ton of white area, and the show of these precise diagrams and images collectively with the pastel-like shadeation palette, makes analyzing Indie Traveller this type of blast that is some thing I can not say for plenty different time-honored tour blogs out there.

Rojo Cangrejo

Rojo Cangrejo Website What I love approximately it: This is a tour weblog I decided on simply of its artistic-fashion due to the fact the content material is in Spanish however the layout language of this weblog is one of the maximum precise layout I even have visible on a tour weblog. Rojo Cangrejo layout consisted of loads blocks and features specified in a minimum manner even as counting on Travel Blogcontrasty shades like turquoise and beautiful images to seize your interest and it works. Marta, the author at the back of Roko Cangrejo is likewise an fantastic photographer who’re capable of seize the little intimate moments we regularly revel in even as traveling. Her article approximately Shapening Knives withinside the Japanese Town of Sakai is a top notch instance of that. If you’re searching out a uniquely designed tour weblog, sorting out Rojo Cangrejo is a no-brainer.


Is Traveling Cookiesound is Traveling What I love approximately it: Cookiesound might be one of the maximum badass mother-daughter tour duos withinside the tour weblog industry. The tour weblog is administered through Nisa and Ulli Maier, a mother-daughter tour images group who tour to off-the-beaten-route locations even as sharing interesting tour testimonies via writing and tour images in a actual, sincere and every now and then sarcastic manner. Their adventure started with a twelve-month-lengthy street journey on a 4×4 via Africa.

If that does not make you need to listen their testimonies, I do not know what would. Their tour weblog layout is likewise one of the cleanest you may discover there. Since they may be photographers, their tour weblog layout displays the significance of storytelling via visible with smooth typography and big images to tickle your wanderlust.

I certainly love their images and it’s far some thing I aspire to be as a tour photographer. Their images regularly displays tour because it need to be, hard and tumble, even as displaying a extra human travel blog a part of lifestyles withinside the locations they visited. To me, this is one of the maximum effective methods of telling tour testimonies. Here’s a top notch instance in their storytelling mastery: Travelling On The Infamous Iron Ore Train In Mauritania.


Their crisp images and their witty writings maintain their revel in actual and right all the way down to earth which many can relate. Travel is tough, and it is now no longer all plants and sunshine like what you will see on Instagram. Check them out and allow me recognise what you believe you studied of nine. RICE / POTATO RICE / POTATO Travel Blog Next up, we’ve a Bangkok-primarily based totally tour duo from Taiwan and the Netherlands who run a tour weblog that desires to escape from the same old trope of tour content material like pinnacle 10 activities in Bangkok. Let me introduce to you, Etty and Chris from RICE / POTATO.

Salt In Our Hair

What I love approximately it: RICE / POTATO is one beautiful tour weblog, a lot in order that the instant you notice their tour weblog, you understand without delay how crucial layout is to them. It’s all withinside the info they placed on their tour weblog, from the quirky shadeation scheme of pastel blue and orange to the cautiously laid-out photo composition of every article.

A top notch instance of a how their precise tackle layout enables emphasize their content material is on their “nine Thai handicrafts you’ll sincerely need to buy”Travel Blog article wherein, with their elaborately designed header photo that grabs your interest without delay, every object withinside the listing is likewise followed with minimum but colourful pix with sufficient quantity of textual content to get you interested.

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