5 Surprisingly Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

5 Surprisingly Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms


Benefits of Having a Bathroom Small Camping in Your Camping Trailer

Having a private bathroom inside your RV ends the gamble of dirty campground facilities. Plus, small camping trailers with bathrooms allow for remote boondocking adventures. If you find yourself camping miles from the nearest bathroom, having onboard facilities is a must (unless you prefer using a bush!).

In small campers, it is common to find wet baths that conserve space, but sometimes you can even find models with dry baths – where the shower and toilet areas are separate.

Learn more about RV Wet Baths Vs. Dry Baths here.

Best Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms

You don’t want to go with just any small camper – you want the best. That’s why we’ve done the work and are providing you with our favorite small camping trailers with bathrooms

Happier Camper with Bathroom Add-On 

The versatility of the Happier Camper makes this a camper worth considering. The floor plan works with the Adaptiv line of products for a customized interior. In short, this camper has easy-to-move modular pieces, so you can change the setup as your needs change.

The Happier Camper Trailer model features a full kitchenette. The kitchen, shower, and sinks share 17-gallon fresh and gray water tanks. You also have the option to plumb a standard gravity-flush toilet with a black water tank or use a dry-flush design – your choice!

Pro Tip: Learn about Dry Flush Toilets here.

Source: happiercamper.co

Aliner LXE Camping Trailer with Bathroom

At only 15-feet in length, you may be surprised how many home comforts there are in the Aliner LXE camping trailer. This unit features a sofa that converts to an 80-inch x 76-inch bed. You’ll also find a fully functional kitchenette.

There’s plenty of headspace with the 8-foot ceiling peak. The bathroom in the Aliner LXE may seem hidden, but it converts to a functional wet bath. The Aline LXE features a cassette-style toilet with a 5-gallon black tank. If you’re looking for a small camper with a bathroom, this might be the one for yo

Little Guy Mini Max

With a tongue weight of only 280 pounds, the Little Guy Mini Max provides all that you could need. This small camping trailer is perfect for those with small SUVs.

A 13,500 BTU A/C and 16,000 BTU furnace means you’ll be camping comfortably no matter the weather. Between the 5-cubic foot refrigerator, two-burner stove, and built-in microwave, you’ll feel right at home in the kitchen.

The tinted dual pane windows offer great views without  Small Camping sacrificing privacy. Moreover, the bathroom in the Little Guy Mini Max has an incredible height of 6 feet and features a residential-style glass shower door. The high-profile pedal flush toilet shares the shower space.

Source: golittleguy.com

Source: golittleguy.com

Ultimately, the Little Guy Mini Max checks off many necessary boxes when looking for small camping trailers with bathrooms.

16’ Casita Deluxe Small Camper with Bathroom

The Casita Deluxe line comes in five different layouts, including a bunk model (the Heritage Model). The Casita’s lightweight construction features an impressive 50-cubic foot of storage space – a remarkable feature not often found in small camping trailers with bathrooms.

The large screen windows and a rooftop air conditioner allow for optimal air circulation. A 16-gallon freshwater tank and a 13-gallon gray tank are standard but can be upgraded to 25 and 32-gallon tanks, respectively.

The bathroom is a typical shower/toilet combination Small Camping  but feels more extensive than standard combination setups. Since the Deluxe models include a bathroom, they have 15-gallon black holding tanks. Additionally, you’ll find a two-burner cooktop, 4-cubic foot refrigerator, and space for a microwave in the kitchen.

Source: casitatraveltrailers.com

Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

The Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB is a small travel trailer with many of the same amenities found in larger rigs. In the bathroom, you’ll find a standalone shower, Small Camping  a separate toilet, and a vanity. That’s right! This small camping trailer has a dry bath.

Dry bath in a Jayco Hummingbird 17MBS camper

The murphy bed provides a comfortable queen bed without sacrificing space when not in use. With a trio of 25.5-gallon fresh, gray, and black tanks, you’ll spend less time emptying your tanks.

A 2-burner cooktop, microwave, refrigerator, and small pantry will make you feel at home. The Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB is 19 feet, 10 inches in length, and has a dry hitch weight of only 315 lbs. With such a light hitch weight, it’s an excellent option for many tow vehicle setups.


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